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With the advancement of technology, we are increasingly becoming dependent on mobile phones. It not only remains a talking device. But it became our school, where we do online classes; our office, where we do our office work from everywhere; became our safe locker, where we keep our valuable documents. It is our camera, our gaming station, and our time pass.

But, the rapid upgradation in the features of mobile phones makes our smartphones lose their rhythm. That is why we have to opt for a newer one. Here, Minto came with their varied range of used mobile phones.

Many mobile-savvy people find buying used mobiles rather than newer ones profitable. Let’s discuss the benefits of purchasing and using old mobiles.

Save your money

The apparent benefit of buying second-hand mobile phones with better features is that it saves a lot of money. Pre-owned mobiles have considerable discounts.


The rapid upgradation of technology causes a lot of waste and damage to the environment. Buying used mobile phones will help in keeping the technology in circulation. Thus, you can help both the environment and the economy.

Resale value

When you buy any second-hand mobiles in good condition, you can sell them after some time. Thus, you can make a double profit.

Now that you know the benefit of buying second-hand mobile phones, you must think of your own used mobile. Don’t worry. Just cash them at Minto. While buying a second-hand mobile, sell your own, which will help you economically.

Let’s see the benefits of selling your old mobile.

Buying and selling used mobiles is a trend now. But it would help if you were cautious while doing the same. Let’s follow a checklist:

These cautions are vital to follow when you buy or sell old mobile phones.

How to buy an old mobile from Minto, or How to sell an old mobile at Minto?

Buying and selling second-hand mobile phones have become more accessible with Minto app. You have to list your mobile phones on our app with the correct phone number and city so that the buyer can contact you via chat or call.

So, what are you waiting for? Download app and list your old phone soon to upgrade your device.

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