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Blog » 6 Things You Can Do on Android Phones That iPhones Can’t

6 Things You Can Do on Android Phones That iPhones Can’t

The Android vs. iPhone debate has been ongoing for a long time, and both have their strengths. However, Android phones have a few unique features that iPhones still lack. Let’s explore some of the best Android features that iPhone users miss out on.

Create Multiple Users and Guest Accounts

Android phones let you create multiple user accounts and a guest mode. This feature is handy if you share your phone with family or friends. You can set up separate accounts with their own passwords, data, and apps. It’s a great way to maintain privacy when others use your phone. You can also customize call and SMS settings for different users.

Access Internal Storage Over USB

Unlike iPhones, Android phones give you full access to your internal storage when connected to a computer via USB. You can easily transfer files between your Android phone and desktop. Plus, you can connect your Android phone to supported vehicles using Android Auto and share your internet connection with your PC using USB Tethering.

Use Multiple Copies of an App

Android allows you to create clones of apps and use multiple accounts on them. For example, you can have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone by making a clone of the app. Some Android phones come with this feature built-in, and you can also find third-party clone apps on the Play Store.

Change the Default System Apps

Android offers more flexibility in customizing default apps compared to iPhones. While iPhones allow changing default Email and Browser apps after the iOS 14 update, Android goes further. You can change default apps like the phone, messages, digital assistant, and more to third-party apps with better features and user interfaces.

Multitask with Split-Screen View

Android phones offer a split-screen view feature that allows you to use two apps simultaneously. You can split your screen in half and use two different apps at the same time. This is great for tasks like using Google Sheets while referring to a calculator, or browsing the web while taking notes. Android’s multitasking capabilities are more advanced compared to iPhones, especially on larger devices and foldable phones.

Transfer Files Easily with External Storage on Android

Unlike iPhones, which lack external storage options, some Android phones come with an SD card slot. This means you can expand your phone’s storage when needed, without the stress of guessing how much storage you’ll require or having to delete apps and files to free up space.

Having an SD card slot also simplifies the process of transferring files between phones. Just pop out the SD card from one phone and insert it into the other—no need for complicated data transfers.

However, it’s worth noting that if you want an Android phone with an SD card slot, you may need to opt for a mid-range model. Many flagship Android phones today don’t offer expandable storage. This is because flagship phones typically come with high-speed internal storage standards like UFS 4.0, ensuring rapid read and write speeds for a premium user experience. Third-party SD cards simply can’t match this speed, potentially leading users to perceive inconsistent performance on their new flagship phones, which is why manufacturers often avoid including SD card slots in such devices.


So, those are some of the cool things you can do on Android phones that iPhones can’t match. If you’re looking to buy or sell used mobiles, you can also check out services like “Minto,” which can help you with that. Ultimately, the choice between Android and iPhone depends on your preferences and the features that matter most to you.

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