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Blog ยป Google Messages Unveils Exciting Features for One Billion Users

Google Messages Unveils Exciting Features for One Billion Users

Google Messages has recently achieved a remarkable milestone, boasting over one billion monthly active users equipped with RCS (Rich Communication Services). This achievement is attributed to the unwavering support from dedicated partners and users who have championed RCS over the years. Additionally, Google expresses satisfaction with Apple’s recent adoption of RCS, a step announced just two weeks ago.

Seven exciting features introduced by Google Messages

Photomoji, which allows users to transform their favourite photos into reactions using on-device Google AI. These creations can be shared in group chats, adding a personalized and creative touch to messaging experiences.

Voice Moods and Improved Audio Quality are other notable additions. Users can now choose from nine emotions to add visual effects to their voice messages, while the audio quality has been enhanced based on user feedback. This ensures a richer and more immersive audio messaging experience.

Screen Effects bring messages to life with vibrant animations triggered by typing specific phrases. With over 15 hidden Screen Effects prompt words to discover, users can add an extra layer of dynamism to their conversations.

Custom Bubbles is another feature that allows users to personalize bubble colours and backgrounds for each conversation. This not only adds a visual flair but also helps in avoiding accidental messages to the wrong chat.

Reaction Effects enable users to add life to their conversations by reacting to messages with animated effects. This feature supports ten emoji expressions, allowing for a more expressive and engaging interaction.

Animated Emoji takes expressions to the next level by bringing visual effects to each message based on the chosen emoji. This adds a playful and dynamic element to the messaging experience.

Profiles have also been enhanced, allowing users to personalize their profile name and picture associated with their phone number. This helps in enhancing self-expression and avoiding confusion, particularly in group chats.

All these features are set to roll out in beta on Google Messages. Sanaz Ahari, VP and GM of Android and Business Communications, shared her excitement about these updates, stating, “Whether you’re utilizing Reaction Effects to stay connected in the group chat during the holidays or sending a heartfelt message with Voice Moods to a friend on New Year’s Eve, we aim for your Google Messages with RCS experience to be truly authentic โ€“ for each of the one billion users!”

Final Note

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