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Blog » Google’s New Features: Android, Wear OS, Google TV

Google’s New Features: Android, Wear OS, Google TV

Google has unveiled an array of 11 new features and updates recently, spanning across Android devices, Wear OS smartwatches, and Google TV. These enhancements are geared towards elevating user experiences on various platforms. Let’s delve into a brief overview of the latest additions:

Emoji Kitchen Sticker Combinations

Explore innovative Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations on Gboard to express your thoughts creatively. Whether it’s sharing a photo idea or making dinner plans, these stickers add a unique touch to your messages.

Voice Moods in Google Messages (Beta)

Add dynamism to your voice messages with Voice Moods. This beta feature introduces unique backgrounds and moving emoji themes, allowing for more vivid expression of emotions.

Reaction Effects in Google Messages (Beta)

Elevate your responses with Reaction Effects in Google Messages (Beta). Enjoy full-screen animated emojis that go beyond a simple thumbs up, allowing you to convey excitement, surprise, or confusion more effectively.

New Free TV Channels on Google TV

Access over 10 new free TV channels on Google TV, offering a diverse range of shows. Enjoy movies, sports, game shows, and more without the need for additional subscriptions.

Smartwatch Control for Smart Home Devices

Manage compatible smart home devices directly from your Wear OS smartwatch. Control appliances such as vacuums and set the ambiance with light groups effortlessly.

Home or Away Status from Wear OS

Keep track of your smart home devices by setting your Google Home status (Home or Away) from your Wear OS smartwatch. Ensure security measures are in place even when you’re not at home.

Assistant Routines on Wear OS

Initiate Assistant Routines from your Wear OS smartwatch using voice commands. Streamline daily tasks, such as your morning commute routine, with a simple “Hey Google” command.

Seamless Security Key Login with Custom PIN

Enhance security key login with a custom PIN on FIDO2 security keys. This feature improves convenience while maintaining security, even if the physical key is lost.

Assistant At a Glance on Watch Face

Stay informed with the Assistant At a Glance shortcut on your Wear OS watch face. Receive essential updates, including weather alerts, travel information, and event reminders, at a glance.

AI Image Descriptions with TalkBack

Enable TalkBack to provide AI-generated descriptions for images, assisting users who are blind or have low vision in understanding visual content.

Live Captions for Calls and Media

Access phone calls and on-device media more inclusively with Live Captions. Soon, additional language support and the ability to respond to calls via text will be available.

Arpit Midha, Director of Product Management, Wear OS, announced these new features, emphasizing how they empower users to personalize their devices and transform them into a reflection of their unique style. The commitment to continuous innovation ensures users unlock the full potential of their Android experience.


As Google continues to redefine the user experience across Android, Wear OS, and Google TV with its 11 latest features, the possibilities for personalization and seamless integration are boundless. From expressive Emoji Kitchen stickers to the dynamic Voice Moods in Google Messages, these enhancements enrich the way we communicate and interact with our devices. The expansion of free TV channels on Google TV and the empowerment of Wear OS smartwatches to control smart home devices further solidify Google’s commitment to innovation. However, for those whose current devices may not support these cutting-edge features, it might be time for an upgrade. Explore Minto, an app facilitating the buying and selling of second-hand mobiles. If your phone doesn’t quite match up to these new Google offerings, consider exploring Minto App to sell your old smart phone or acquire an updated second-hand phone, ensuring you stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Upgrade your device, embrace the future, and make the most of these exciting developments across the Android ecosystem.

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